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Do you also feel like The Sims 4 lacks diversity in terms of decor and modern furniture pieces? Like most Simmers, I like to help myself by downloading CC from multiple websites, but I mostly feel like the custom content items don’t have the same aesthetic as the game and you can spot the difference between items from the game and the ones you have downloaded for free very easily.

This one here is different though! The Modern Housewares Stuff pack by Illogical Sims is an entire custom content „expansion pack“. It comes with furniture for the whole house, including kitchen cabinets, couches, a bed, decor and so much more. And the best thing is: it all looks like it is just a part of the game. Every item also comes in multiple swatches which are all very chic and they also match the swatches of the base game furniture.


Downloading it is easy, just click the link: https://illogicalsims.tumblr.com/post/188468134634/modern-housewares-stuff-pack-custom-content-i-am


There’s also an overview video, some pictures and a description of the content. 

If you are interested in another review, Deligracy also tested the pack in one of her videos. That’s how i found out about the pack, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ0Niy2nuSE



Take a look at how I used the pack.



Origin Name: simsbylinea


Contains Custom Content.

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