Left to right: Modern Treehouse, Designer Container, Open Beach Mansion, Marble Mansion


...to my own little safe space to share my affection for The Sims. It's a personal blog where I write about my builds and sims, my opinions on (build & buy) objects and expansion packs, and where I let you see where I get my inspiration from. I'll take you with me when shopping for custom content and mods, show you my favorite fellow simmers and their creations and offer challenges for everyone who wants to participate. It's basically a teenager's diary, only that I'm an adult who has to pay for their expansion packs themselves and has to send themselves to bed on time after having played The Sims for too many hours straight. So... enjoy!




Mods and CC

The longer I have been playing the sims, the more ideas I got and the more challenging my builds became. Especially in build mode, the game has its limits. This is where mods come in and open a world of possibilities! I am not a pro when it comes to mods and custom content, but I have learned a lot recently and I want to share my knowledge with you.


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Tips and Tricks

Every simmer has their own way of doing things, playing a trick on the game and creating new items using just basic furniture. Many tricks I use are not my original ones, but I still want to share them with you so you can get inspiration and visit other creators and their tutorials.






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Sometimes, it is just better to hear a few people's honest opinions about certain things before you go out and buy some-thing. Especially if it is kind of pricey and you're not sure if you actually need it. I am glad to tell you all about the packs I own, show you how I use them and offer my opinion on whether it is a good buy or not.



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