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Hi There! I gather you also like The Sims, just like me.


I don't know why you should be interested in me as a person, since this blog is merely about my Sims 4 creations, but apparently this is the way to do it. Every blog needs a personal " This is my life" thing. So here goes... 



My name is Linea (she/her), I am 23 years old and I work in Real Estate. My number one interest in life are buildings. That, I have to thank the Sims for. The Sims is the reason why I chose to study Facility and Real Estate Management and make buildings my life. I have yet to build my own real life house (gotta save up some money first, no motherlode irl), but in the mean time, I spend my evenings and weekends creating all kinds of houses in The Sims.


This is my story of starting to play the game many years ago, slowly discovering the wide range of possibilities The Sims offers, and beginning to develop my own style of playing and building. This is my road so far.


My cousin was the one who introduced me to The Sims 2. We were in primary school, about 7 years old or so, and we huddled up in front of her father’s computer to discover the wonders of Strangetown. I remember moving our family into the Beaker residency (1 Tesla Court) and wondering how on earth it was possible to create the sunken living room. This house became my favorite building, and once I had my own game (my dad even bought a new computer so me and my siblings were able to play The Sims 2) I started gradually improving the already existing houses so that they fit my needs better. 

However, in The Sims 2, I mostly just created a family, moved them into a cool house, played with them for a few hours and then I abandoned them to create another family. As far as I remember, I never got to the point where a child grew up, moved out and started their own family. 

In The Sims 3, my gameplay developed much more.

My sister and I still played on our father’s computer, and we had to set timers to keep track of how long everyone was playing. When I was 15 - that was about two years or so into our Sims 3 journey - I had saved enough money to purchase my own iMac. That was the point in time my mother only allowed us to turn on the computers on weekends, because gaming was starting to interfere with school lol. Being the good girl I am, I actually respected these rules. On weekends I went mad, though. I would build one big mansion after another and those would be filled with families that could be traced back for more than 10 generations. Once I discovered the World Creator Beta, I made entire worlds filled with my own bars and stores and (of course) many many mansions. I don’t remember building just one small house in The Sims 3. They were always massive.

My love for building large estates continued in The Sims 4, where we are today. I think I have never engaged with any game in the way I have with The Sims 4. When I was on my exchange semester abroad while studying, I spent most of my time playing The Sims, since there were not many classes and I also am not the most social person. That’s when I started playing challenges and building more creative homes. Three years later and back in my home country, I am still playing as many hours as before, never losing interest. There are so many possibilities and there is so much inspiration in daily life - it just never gets boring. 

And here we are, with an Instagram account and a blog all about The Sims - proving my parents wrong, who have always told me to stop playing The Sims, since I am an „adult“ now. TAKE THIS!!

(jk, they are super proud)




Everything I write on this blog is my personal opinion. All the pictures I upload are taken by myself in The Sims.