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After having gained some experience from being active on Instagram with my Sims 4 content for about 1 and a half years now, I have stopped using custom content in my builds, because it's so difficult to download creations with cc. There are a few single pieces I refuse to delete though, because they add the exact things I am missing in my game. One of these, and maybe the only one for build mode, is the Altara Build Set by Nynaeve Design. 

Modern House with large windows, landscaping and a pool Built in The Sims 4 with Custom Content.
Modern Hilltop Mansion, available on the Origin Gallery and TSR

It is a set with multiple versions of modern windows and doors, each with a black and white swatch. There are narrow windows and ones that resemble the wall-high basegame ones too, but the best thing about this set is that there are window pieces without edges that you can put next to each other to create long glass facades. And this is what I am living for! 

It really is a game changer and adds so much to my modern buildings.

Modern interior design, black furniture and a big window. Made in The Sims 4 with custom content from TSR.
Black Modern Mansion, available on the Origin Gallery and TSR

My favorite thing to do with these window pieces is drape them around a corner, to receive a stunning view. Connecting the outside to the interior is so easy and classy with the windows! The modern and open look they have is everything!

Modern white mansion with palm trees, balconies and a pool. Created in The Sims 4 with custom content from The Sims Resource.
Kendall Mansion, available on the Origin Gallery and TSR

I can really recommend checking out the set on TSR and leaving NynaeveDesign some love. These items are being used in almost every modern build I do, and I don't think I could do without them. Click here to see them on The Sims Resource.


Also, check out all my modern builds, with or without those windows, on my Instagram account as well as TSR!

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