Find me on TSR

Find me on TSR

Guys! I have some very exciting news!

As of this moment, I have shared my first build on The Sims Resource

I really want to connect with this community on more platforms and I want to share my builds with more people. TSR is a platform I have been using to download custom content for some time now, but I liked the idea to offer a selection of my favorite builds on this platform as well.


My plan is, to share all my cc free originals (so no collabs or challenge builds) on there in the future. Some of my older builds will become on TSR too, while they stay online on the Origin gallery too. 

It's an exciting new chapter in my sims journey and I'm happy to share it with all of you!

Here's a preview of the houses that will become available on TSR in the next weeks:

Beehive Mansion

Beehive Mansion has been published on my TSR page @simsbylinea on April 20.

It is a modern mansion with three bedrooms and four bathrooms, vaguely inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest. The main color here, besides the grays, whites and blacks, is yellow. In combination with the geometrical windows and the green grass roofs, this is a house that not only pays an homage to the bees, but is also beneficial to them and offers them a place to live and find food.

Check out this build on Instagram!

Dutch Townhouse

This Dutch townhouse - yes, typically this would be one house in a row of multiple similar looking family homes - has been very popular on Instagram, which I am very thankful for. It was inspired by the house a colleague of mine grew up in, which is why it is a very realistic family home. It is quite spacious and also has a beautiful backyard.

Check out this build on Instagram!

Coldwell Manor

This large family home was inspired by a picture I found on Pinterest. It's got lots of space for children, it's cozy and it has a beautiful garden. Overall, there's a lot of green and white - I love a little theme that runs through every bit of my build!

Check out this build on Instagram!

So, if you are on TSR too, please let me know, so we can be in touch. 

I will be announcing my recently uploaded builds on Instagram and on the blog too, so everybody who is interested can stay up to date.

Let's dive into this new adventure then!

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