CHALLENGES | The Square Home Challenge

I recently hit 6,000 followers on my Instagram account (yayy!) and I asked in my story what I should do to celebrate this milestone. Yes, I know - I should have done that when I reached 5,000 followers as well, because that is a more important milestone, but I somehow didn't think about celebrating it with everyone then.


I got so many suggestions for collaborations, giveaways, party location builds and shell challenges which I will all be working on from now on. I really liked the idea of introducing a challenge which hasn't been done yet. I see so many tiny house, shell and basegame challenges, but I have never seen mine.


That's why I am introducing




It is not so much a challenge as a community project, for everyone to participate who wants to. 

The goal is to build a house on a residential lot with every single room being a perfect square. It does not matter what shape the overall house has, what color or style it has, how big it is and on what lot it was built.

As I love participating in challenges myself, I am really looking forward to all the houses the community will create. I am sure, one house will be more brilliant than the other, because everyone is so incredibly talented and creative!


I will have a look at every house that has been submitted until February 15 with #lineasquarechallenge and I will pick my personal favorites. Those will be posted on Instagram as well as here on the blog.

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